Top 6 Tips for Building Better Mobile Apps

1. Use the right strategy:

Using research methods like surveys and interviews will help you create personas for those who are most likely to use your app. This will help in creating an app that is specific to the client’s needs. Mobile Application Development Companies are creating new and improved version of apps based on these surveys.

2. Designing for future:

Design is something that is not constant. It changes day by day so if we design for today by the time it is launched, hardware advances will mean your app is already behind. While creating an app, the app designers have to keep the future in mind at all times.

3. Quality Analysis and Testing:

Testing in mobile apps is something new but it is very impactful. With a wide variety of operating systems and mobile networks and tens of thousands of mobiles available in the market, it becomes challenging to ensure that the app runs smoothly. The app users do not want to waste time dealing with fixes and errors. It is necessary for the app to undergo Quality analysis and Testing.

4. Available on all platforms:

Every day users use apps across multiple devices and platforms – desktop, Web, smartphone and tablet. We need to make sure that our app is user friendly, attractive and is easily accessible. Make sure the app is available on all platforms from the very basic to the highest platform one can access.

5. User Experience:

Be clear in your mind about one primary purpose and work on it. Don’t give too many options to the client, it will only confuse them. Instead study the needs properly and give your client that one option which you feel will give her the best experience. Mobile user experience includes the user’s perceptions and feelings before, during and after the interaction. With any mobile, the only concern should be convenience of the customer. Design with your end user by seeking input at every step of the way and putting yourself in their shoes

6. Don’t add too many features:

You do not want your customers to get puzzled instead have an easy way around the app. Designs should be neat and clean. If the app has too many features, the customers will get confused and close the app so make simple and easy to use apps.

The success of your mobile apps depend on how familiar the app is to your customers. Do not copy a design from others yet make sure that it is accepted. Apps that are familiar are easily accepted than others.

How To Become Good, Better, Best At Web Development

There a difference between being good and the best at anything. Over the years I’ve experienced and seen quite some web development companies and how they operate. You’ve got the big organizations with their own divisions where for example Sales and the Development divisions are separated. Being on the development side myself this resulted more often than not in a skewed perspective on the outcome of the sale. Sales people sale like anything is possible without any knowledge about technical consequences or simply what makes sense or not.

The Good

It got me thinking, this big company with all its money and clients are not really looking for the best solution but are simply focused on one thing: generating income. And although I have nothing against making money, I personally believe that focusing on money alone is never good for anybody or any situation. I refused to get involved in such a cumbersome and odd project and gently gave back the project. Apparently this wasn’t for me.

But on the other hand, I did hear about clients being happy with their work so they weren’t all bad either. Let’s say we give them the label “good”. They aren’t extremely great, but not totally bad either.

The majority of business and people reside in this category. I’ve seen it over and over again. They do a great job in one area and totally screw up in another. One might think this is today’s standard, but I dare to say it is not, at least not in my book.

How can delivering a brand new site with a backend system, which is so difficult to understand that it needs extensive explanation and people finally giving up on it, be a good idea? That’s not the best solution one can offer, it’s the best solution for the company selling it to make the most money. Some clients might be happy with it, while others regret doing business with them but cannot waste their money by giving up on the site already.

So we’re talking quality here, we’ve just discussed “good”, which basically means “good enough” to stay in business and make some money. But let’s discover “better”.

The Better

This has more to do with intention than anything else. Being “better” at anything means there has been dedication, time was put in to become better. Web development business that are “better” than good are not found easily. It’s hard to recognize them because they are surrounded by so many “good enough” business that potential clients have no idea they even exist. There’s more need for business that are “better than average”. It makes life better, it makes people happier, it’s a great start to truly show what human beings are capable of. I personally believe this is at least the way to go with any business.

And yes, some people cannot reach this level because they simply lack the capabilities to do so, but let’s say you are interested in going the extra mile, by focusing on client experience first and money second. It’s a longer road, but definitely worth it in the end. Money can only give you so much happiness while digging a little deeper satisfies you on a whole different level. Being “better” than average means you need to put in time into studying your subject A LOT. It requires you to be serious about your job and expecting the utmost of yourself. Being “better” means caring about the outcome more than anything, it’s about giving your client the best experience you can give. Caring about their experience more than about your bank account.

For web development, you need to take your own skills very serious. It all depends on your own capabilities if you’re going to pull this off or not. Decide for yourself what subject you like the most, what is most important to your profession and what you’re good at. Go master at least 5 languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a server-side (e.g. PHP) and database language (e.g. MySQL). In addition to that you can focus on SEO, PPC, animation and user-experience. As I told you, this takes time. But if you have the intention to be at least “better than average”, go for this route!

The Best

Being the best about anything requires experience. You can only become “the best” if you’ve gone through the route of being “better than good”. Experience tells you how to do things without having to find out a way first. This saves you time and increases the quality you share with the outside world.

It also involves a higher income, as easy as that. You are on the way to become a rare species and people are willing to pay for that.

So how to be “the best” in Web Development? Train, work, use your talents, focus on getting better, taking your time to deliver the best you can and don’t accept “good enough”. Good enough is boring and shows your attitude at life, please be more interesting than that!

Adapt to Market Trends for Better Growth Outcomes

The current digital world always puts an emphasis on the synchronization factor in tandem to the changing market dynamics. Businesses which are quick in response to market change always experience a better environment for them to grow and thrive. But, the question that hovers here are – who all can make the best out of these technology-rich enhancements? Just to lay down more emphasis, organizations that hesitate to work on their pre-defined strategies, or those who stay reluctant to amend their processes/offerings as per their end-users expectations, unfortunately, fail to achieve their mission goals.

This article will highlight some of the critical factors that every organization needs to comprehend for smooth and successful business headway:

Innovation: Not an exaggeration, if you have attended any workshop, read any CEOs’ message printed on the first glossy page of a magazine, or have come across any of their interviews – you must have noticed that they all accentuate the need for innovative strategies. In addition to this, these business leaders also display their eagerness to catch up the roads of innovation. However, there is altogether a different fa├žade when it comes to accepting these prevalent trends listed on the roadmap of innovation.

Recommendation: If reports are to be believed, the track record of most of the companies with respect to innovation is too poor to count upon owing to the dearth of right professionals, consultants, and visionaries. Therefore, it is recommended to outsource innovation to the experts in the same domain. In addition, try to bring innovation inside the business and keep a constant tab on market rotation.

Work Proficiency: Every organization is in a quest to underpin its presence in either fortune 500 companies, crack a new deal/tender, or to shake hand with new ventures. But, do you think it can be done just by proclaiming or sharing these business aims? The answer is big NO.

Recommendation: To fulfill the desired goals, it is indubitable to have erudite professionals, technology, and astute strategies in place that can help them improvise conventional methodologies and bolster work proficiency.

Cost Control: A few companies are only concerned about their own profit motifs, and do not put their efforts in bringing capital and operational expenses down for their internal clients.

Recommendation: Today, many dedicated server hosting providers have added cloud hosting as the part of their offerings. Notably, cloud technology helps in keeping CAPEX and OPEX in an equilibrated state while giving businesses an access to a suite of IT resources on an on-demand basis.

It can be concluded that having a right mix of sophisticated technology, which is again supported by visionaries/experts and followed by strong business analysis – can bestow bountiful outcomes.

CloudOYE is an outstanding benefactor of dedicated hosting services in India. Powered by Tier III data centers across various geographical locations, we help companies to manage their websites/applications in the most prudent manner.

4 Keys for a Fully Functional Website

You’ve got a beautifully-designed website right in front of you. You’ve got all the elements of your business up there, but does it work? You can use your website for marketing, but can anyone else use it for whatever purpose it may serve them? In truth, the most important question to ask is whether or not your website is functional. At the heart of every website is a functional design. Here are the four keys for a fully-functional website.

Product Goal

The design of your website should ultimately serve its goal. Is it to sell, to promote, to gain a steadily increasing following or all? If you want your website to be an online shop, then you have got to design it in such a way that all your products would be easily accessible to your clients. All of the features that your website should have should be directed to achieving that one goal.

Target Audience

This is one of the most important aspects, yet one of the most neglected. What may work for one user could be completely dysfunctional for another user. Think about your target audience when deciding for the design. You have to consider those that are tech-savvy and those that do not use the computer. Remember that in website functionality, accessibility is still beauty

Audience Intention

There are a lot of reasons why audiences visit a site. Some of them check it out for information while others look into the products and services that the company website offers. There are also others that check out the site for both plus the discounts that they could get if they directly made orders to you through your site. Adequate knowledge of your audience’ intention should help you design a fully functional site.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and use, and the content must be clear and readable. If you have other elements such as flash or script, they should load quickly and not cause hang-ups or other problems with your website. Don’t use too many graphics if it makes your website look cluttered. Your content should have a nice font that’s clean and sleek to attract people to read your blog and articles.

You can achieve all of these with the help of a reliable website developers and designers. Not only can they help you achieve your business website goals, but they can give you more.

Components of Good Website

A website is the first step for digital marketing. It is the most valuable asset for your business and the face of your business in the world. A careful planning and design of the website can help you grab the user attention and make you stand apart from your competitors. Let us discuss some key elements that need to be kept in mind while designing the website.


The website is the face of the business. It must have a clear purpose and should be designed keeping in mind its target audience. The complete presentation of the website must be carefully planned and designed with utmost care.


The website must not look cluttered on the screen. Everything present on the website must be organized and should follow a predefined structure. The website must be designed keeping mind the target audience. A well-presented and organized website is easier to maintain and is user-friendly.


Every colour has its purpose. The website must make full use of colours depending upon the purpose of the website. A well-planned colour palette with proper shades and contrasts for foreground and background can make the website appealing and readable.


The proper font size and style can make the website readable. You can use the font style and size depending on your target audience avoiding the use of multiple styles in one go.


Simple text with no graphics or use of only graphics with no proper content or text can ruin the purpose of the website. The text and graphics including videos and images must be used optimally for making the website eye-catching and interesting to the users.

Easy to navigate:

This is again a crucial element for a good website. Too much content on a single page or too less to accommodate on the screen does not give appealing effect to the users. Too much content may force the user to scroll a lot to reach to the relevant information.


The content is what you are presenting on the website. May it be presented in the form of text, video or image, it is what the business is all about. The words must be carefully chosen for the good website. The copied content or with an impractical use of words can spoil the interest of the users and may also lead to been marked as spam by the search engines.

Speed of download:

No one likes to wait for the website to download. It the site is taking time, the user may switch to the competitor’s site that loads faster. Optimum use of graphics can help the website to take reasonable time.

Links and community:

You can make use of hyperlinks to make the navigation easy, but that do not give emphasis on the website to look like a box of hyperlinks. Keep the website looks simple and easy to use.
Also links to communities like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These links with the communities make the website credible and gives the users an opportunity to interact with you.


If the website is not searchable, will not serve any the very purpose of promoting the business. The website must have the proper keywords and must be updated regularly to keep the searched engine scores high.


Although the website is the virtual presentation of the business, but the human touch must be there for a website to be competent to serve its main purpose. The contact detail of the company makes it reliable and trustworthy.

The designing of the website needs to be done once, but to be available for the end customers it must be updated regularly, and needs to be changed from time to time to keep the freshness intact.