Tips to Choose the Best eCommerce Website Development Company

In today’s competitive world, it is very essential to establish a rapport with your clients, existing or prospective. Simply establishing a website is not enough. Today is the age of eCommerce where you have to offer products and services online to remain connected to your clients and to keep them from going to your competitors. However a simple website would not provide benefits that you are seeking to see your business grow. You need eCommerce web development experts who would help you in driving sales and increasing the profits.

Establishing an eCommerce solution involves several tasks that include content management system, shopping carts, secure payment gateways, checkouts and other activities. Therefore, you need the help of companies that specialize in eCommerce website development.

Here are the tips that can help you choose the best eCommerce web development company:

Experience: the foremost thing that you must take note of is the experience of the eCommerce website development company. An experienced company undoubtedly helps in formulating marketing strategies and plans that would help your business reach new heights of success. You must check out the company’s past work and get reviews from past customers. Taking help from the internet can also help.

Flexible: when looking for a company that provides the best eCommerce solution, you must check out whether they are flexible or not. Certain companies are rigid and do not like to bend their marketing strategies as required by the clients. Instead choose a company that is flexible and offers customized solutions with respect to your requirement and need.

Quality Output: You do not want to be stuck with a company that produces below-average results. In this competitive world, you need unique and high quality solutions. Therefore, you must look for a company that promises unique solutions that are high in quality and promise high returns on investment.

Knowledgeable Staff: when looking for a reliable and reputed eCommerce web development company, look for one that has experienced and knowledgeable staff. Assigning the important task of eCommerce website development to an inexperienced and untrained company can ruin your business plans. Not only would you lose your money but you would also risk tarnishing your online reputation.

Price: since no company offers services for free, look for a company that has a comprehensive pricing policy. Do not fall in for companies that promise an offer that is too-good-to-be-true. Similarly, do not opt for companies that charge exorbitantly. Instead look for a company that offers a good deal.

Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners In Web Development

Mistakes are common during web development especially if you have begun your career as a web developer. It doesn’t matter which of the programming languages are used for coding ranging from Java, PHP, C# or .Net, mistakes are bound to happen when it comes to facing complex coding and scripting language.

Here are a few mistakes that must be avoided by beginners in web development.


Self-confidence is an essential requirement for a web developer. If you are among the ones who think coding cannot be done perfectly by you, then it might turn out to be a very uphill task for you. The fact remains coding is a bit complex at the beginning, but once you gain expertise it just turns out to be a matter of simple logic. So never give up when it comes to your coding abilities during web development, you will definitely reap the benefits at the end.

Create a back-up of work performed

Do not ever forget to create a back up of the coding tasks performed by you by the end of the day. You can use an automatic tool for back up if required. However ensure that you back up your task without fail on a daily basis. Because even though the computer unexpectedly shuts down or get damaged, you will still have your tasks ready with you and if not it is really going to affect the client satisfaction and ultimately might cost you the job itself.

Code formatting that is not properly done

Code formatting that is not properly done can result in the wrong declaration of function as well as reflects unprofessionalism. It is desirable for beginners in web development to avoid useless new lines and blank spaces etc.

Refusal to take notice of the web standards

Web standards are extremely important in unifying code and developing apps that are device-independent. Beginners in web development have to understand that web standards are meant to assist them in creating error-free codes and not in making their task difficult.

Optimize bandwidth usage

Optimizing the website is very important since none of the users would wish to see their desired website to load slower due to the presence of high resolution images and slower internet connections. Therefore beginners in web development will have to ensure the bandwidth to be adjusted so as to optimize the website speed by minimizing the image resolution and size followed by server side HTTP compressions. It can be achieved by performing minimization of the CSS and JavaScript. Ensure the website is optimized for the mobile phone users since they are among the growing list of users who access web using their mobile phone itself rather than desktop computers.

Testing the program in various browsers

It is among the common mistakes made by the beginners in web development. Instead of testing the program in just a few of the favourite browsers, try to test the program in almost all the compatible browsers that functions on the web. It is common to find bugs or errors in almost all the major browsers and rectifying them to make it compatible with your program must remain the top most priority during the entire web development process. Most of the clients do not want to hear excuses such as the browser might have some problems and that it works better with another browser. It might show lack of professionalism in the web developer from the perspective of a client. However resolving those bugs or errors and making your program to work smoothly with all the browsers will improve the confidence of yourself and the confidence in the client as well as the company that has provided the employment for you.


Finally, beginners in web development must avoid over confidence that is among the most common mistake they often make. If one or two of your projects went well, that does not mean errors or mistakes would never take place in future. Only with respect to time and experience that a developer develops their coding skills. Learning is continuous and never ending especially when it comes to web development since changes are taking place regularly in the technology sector with respect to time. Adapting to those technological changes requires the desire to learn and evolve. Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will make a beginner in the web development more confident in enhancing their career prospects in future and thereby helping them become a talented and skilled web development professional.

Web Development Tips That Will Increase Your Sales

What most merchants fail to realize is that the design of online storefronts can highly affect sales. Minor design elements play a huge role in increasing the conversion rates and for this reason nothing should be left to chance when developing a business website. The secret to having the best website is designing it from the perspective of a shopper. Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers and choose features that offer them better experiences on your site. For instance, you should avoid animations on the site if at all they will slow down the browsers or use color schemes that end up sending wrong messages to your shoppers.

When you hire web development services from reputable developers and designers, you can be sure that nothing will be left to chance by the time your web is up and running. However, it is also important that you take part in the development and bring in a few ideas that can help get the best setup in the end. A few tips can prove worthy in the development process of what you are looking for is to increase your sales using the website.

1. Make your shopping cart as visible as possible

Customers want to be sure of what they are doing on the site making it very important that you ensure they can see added items registered on their shopping carts. Create an area where the number of items in the cart can be seen as well as any other information necessary on the same. The checkout data should also be visible so that your customers have a swift transition shopping and checking out. You can use contrasting colors for the shopping cart to ensure that it stands out on the page.

2. Optimize buttons for adding items to the cart

When you have given a list of items you are offering your customers, ensure that you add an ‘add to cart’ button on every one of the products. This kind of call to action is more appealing compared to if you added a button that gives them more details on the products they are looking at. The direct action to add the products to their carts pull positive responses from the shoppers and you have increased conversion rates at the end of the day. Use colors that make the call to action visible without necessarily appearing aggressive to the eyes.

3. Clean product pages

Organizing product pages is something you can never forget when developing your website. Customers want to have a pleasant shopping experience and this is something that will only be possible if your pages are well organized giving them an easy time looking at what you have and making decisions on what they need. Too many elements can leave the pages looking too complex, whereas too few elements leave the pages looking inadequate. The secret is to strike a balance by including high quality product images, names, a quick description of the product and the price. You can add links like customer reviews near but at the bottom of the page.

What You Need to Build a Successful Website

It really does not matter if a local business wants to use a website to sell more of its products or if it is looking to promote its local business. It also does not matter if a business wants to operate only online. There are plenty of examples of success for all of these goals. While there are examples of success, there are also plenty of examples of failures. If the website is not properly designed, it will not do what is needed. Building a successful website design requires certain things and without them, it could struggle to perform.

· Have a purpose – Every website needs to have a reason for existing. If it is designed to sell products or if it is designed to promote a brand, the website designing should be towards that purpose.

· Know the attention span – Most people that visit any website will focus on a specific part of it as soon as they visit it. The web design should include something that stands out. A logo is one of the most eye-catching things to include on a website.

· Know the audience – If the website is for a local business, it may be best to turn to web design groups to get the local touch that is needed. Otherwise it may be good idea to turn to the best web design agency that can be found to make sure that the design is able to target the people that will generate revenue for an e-commerce website.

These are the things that need to be thought about at the beginning of the web development process. As the website is being built, there are other things to consider.

· Make the site simple – Web designing can be very complex and there are many things that can be added to a website. It is better to keep the site simple and easy for the visitors to use. It goes back to the attention span of the visitors. If the site takes too long to digest the person will simply go to another website. The number of pages should be limited to keep navigation easy and fast.

· Include a way to contact – One of the things that all visitors want to be able to do with an e-commerce website is to contact the company. It may be for a question or for something else, but the methods to contact the website should be easy to find and easy to use. It will help build trust with the visitors.

· Include Links – Links at the top and the bottom of the page make it easy for visitors to navigate around. They should be clear and obvious because that is what people look for.

· SEO is a key – If you want people to visit a website, they have to be able to find it. SEO tools are the best way to improve the searchability of a website. SEO tools should be used carefully. There is a mix of tools that can work. Just using the SEO tools does not guarantee success. They have to be used properly. The best web design company says that most sites do not use SEO tools properly and actually hurt their website.

· Make it mobile – More people than ever before are accessing websites through mobile devices. It offers e-commerce businesses a way to reach people when they are on the go and are often times more likely to utilize what a website offers. Creating a website that works on mobile devices requires different coding and may be a little more limiting than a traditional design. While it may require the hiring of a website designing agency that specializes in this area, it is worth doing to reach a larger audience.

· Make the site responsive – Responsive websites are designed to work with whatever kind of device that a person is using to access the site. It will work with traditional laptop and desktop computers and it will also work with mobile devices. It optimizes itself for the user depending on what type of device is being used to access the website. This allows the owner of the site to create only one website that will work for everyone.

It is even possible to set up an e-commerce website that does not require the website to actually store the products or to ship them to the people that buy them. The website is simply the middle man and another business deals with the actual physical inventory.

Color Theory in Web Design

Any artist handling aesthetics is surely aware of the color theory. Its first principles were defined during the 1400’s by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci or Leone Battista Alberti. However, it was only during the 18th century when it began to develop into an independent artistic practice, when Isaac Newton’s theory of color was firstly published (Opticks, 1704). Since then it started to be successfully incorporated into a lot of visual sciences, including web design. Across history, due to their emotional response, artists have gained the adulation of the masses, solely due to their ability to manipulate colors. In modern times, this art form steps up to polish and improve user interaction with private or commercial web applications, web sites and even advertising. In web design, the color theory may be simplified and broken down into three main parts:


Representing the subtle differences in brightness and color, the contrast is the most important factor for making visual objects stand out from the background. Its mark on web design is quite significant as the most successful websites display a delicate, well-chosen balance making them pop out in the eyes of their visitors. Online color wheels do wonders when inspiration in this department is scarce.


Exactly like the term, vibrancy stands for a way a particular color resonates in the eyes of the viewer. Each color is supposed to bring specific moods to the surface. While brighter, warmer colors favor increased energy and alertness, colder colors tend to relax the audience. These tricks are widely used by web designers everywhere to enhance and match user experience to the content of the site.


This notion speaks of the relationship between colors and of the way they merge, in order to create a pleasant environment for the eyes of the audience. When looking at the color wheel, they can be easily spotted as being opposites. A good color complementation can make or break any visual creation and requires good taste and extended experience.

Our place in the history of art has been continuously shaped by artistic color theorists and cannot unfortunately be broken down into one single article. Written for beginners who try to learn formal color principles, this article is merely an overview on the appliance of color in web design. Individual, in-depth study must follow in order to fully master this great art. Commonly underrated, the science of color must be learned starting with its core principles. Choosing a perfect color scheme for your web design project can be a tricky task. Make sure you use a color wheel, online tools and all your practical senses if you want your creation to stand out.