Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners In Web Development

Mistakes are common during web development especially if you have begun your career as a web developer. It doesn’t matter which of the programming languages are used for coding ranging from Java, PHP, C# or .Net, mistakes are bound to happen when it comes to facing complex coding and scripting language.

Here are a few mistakes that must be avoided by beginners in web development.


Self-confidence is an essential requirement for a web developer. If you are among the ones who think coding cannot be done perfectly by you, then it might turn out to be a very uphill task for you. The fact remains coding is a bit complex at the beginning, but once you gain expertise it just turns out to be a matter of simple logic. So never give up when it comes to your coding abilities during web development, you will definitely reap the benefits at the end.

Create a back-up of work performed

Do not ever forget to create a back up of the coding tasks performed by you by the end of the day. You can use an automatic tool for back up if required. However ensure that you back up your task without fail on a daily basis. Because even though the computer unexpectedly shuts down or get damaged, you will still have your tasks ready with you and if not it is really going to affect the client satisfaction and ultimately might cost you the job itself.

Code formatting that is not properly done

Code formatting that is not properly done can result in the wrong declaration of function as well as reflects unprofessionalism. It is desirable for beginners in web development to avoid useless new lines and blank spaces etc.

Refusal to take notice of the web standards

Web standards are extremely important in unifying code and developing apps that are device-independent. Beginners in web development have to understand that web standards are meant to assist them in creating error-free codes and not in making their task difficult.

Optimize bandwidth usage

Optimizing the website is very important since none of the users would wish to see their desired website to load slower due to the presence of high resolution images and slower internet connections. Therefore beginners in web development will have to ensure the bandwidth to be adjusted so as to optimize the website speed by minimizing the image resolution and size followed by server side HTTP compressions. It can be achieved by performing minimization of the CSS and JavaScript. Ensure the website is optimized for the mobile phone users since they are among the growing list of users who access web using their mobile phone itself rather than desktop computers.

Testing the program in various browsers

It is among the common mistakes made by the beginners in web development. Instead of testing the program in just a few of the favourite browsers, try to test the program in almost all the compatible browsers that functions on the web. It is common to find bugs or errors in almost all the major browsers and rectifying them to make it compatible with your program must remain the top most priority during the entire web development process. Most of the clients do not want to hear excuses such as the browser might have some problems and that it works better with another browser. It might show lack of professionalism in the web developer from the perspective of a client. However resolving those bugs or errors and making your program to work smoothly with all the browsers will improve the confidence of yourself and the confidence in the client as well as the company that has provided the employment for you.


Finally, beginners in web development must avoid over confidence that is among the most common mistake they often make. If one or two of your projects went well, that does not mean errors or mistakes would never take place in future. Only with respect to time and experience that a developer develops their coding skills. Learning is continuous and never ending especially when it comes to web development since changes are taking place regularly in the technology sector with respect to time. Adapting to those technological changes requires the desire to learn and evolve. Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will make a beginner in the web development more confident in enhancing their career prospects in future and thereby helping them become a talented and skilled web development professional.

How To Become Good, Better, Best At Web Development

There a difference between being good and the best at anything. Over the years I’ve experienced and seen quite some web development companies and how they operate. You’ve got the big organizations with their own divisions where for example Sales and the Development divisions are separated. Being on the development side myself this resulted more often than not in a skewed perspective on the outcome of the sale. Sales people sale like anything is possible without any knowledge about technical consequences or simply what makes sense or not.

The Good

It got me thinking, this big company with all its money and clients are not really looking for the best solution but are simply focused on one thing: generating income. And although I have nothing against making money, I personally believe that focusing on money alone is never good for anybody or any situation. I refused to get involved in such a cumbersome and odd project and gently gave back the project. Apparently this wasn’t for me.

But on the other hand, I did hear about clients being happy with their work so they weren’t all bad either. Let’s say we give them the label “good”. They aren’t extremely great, but not totally bad either.

The majority of business and people reside in this category. I’ve seen it over and over again. They do a great job in one area and totally screw up in another. One might think this is today’s standard, but I dare to say it is not, at least not in my book.

How can delivering a brand new site with a backend system, which is so difficult to understand that it needs extensive explanation and people finally giving up on it, be a good idea? That’s not the best solution one can offer, it’s the best solution for the company selling it to make the most money. Some clients might be happy with it, while others regret doing business with them but cannot waste their money by giving up on the site already.

So we’re talking quality here, we’ve just discussed “good”, which basically means “good enough” to stay in business and make some money. But let’s discover “better”.

The Better

This has more to do with intention than anything else. Being “better” at anything means there has been dedication, time was put in to become better. Web development business that are “better” than good are not found easily. It’s hard to recognize them because they are surrounded by so many “good enough” business that potential clients have no idea they even exist. There’s more need for business that are “better than average”. It makes life better, it makes people happier, it’s a great start to truly show what human beings are capable of. I personally believe this is at least the way to go with any business.

And yes, some people cannot reach this level because they simply lack the capabilities to do so, but let’s say you are interested in going the extra mile, by focusing on client experience first and money second. It’s a longer road, but definitely worth it in the end. Money can only give you so much happiness while digging a little deeper satisfies you on a whole different level. Being “better” than average means you need to put in time into studying your subject A LOT. It requires you to be serious about your job and expecting the utmost of yourself. Being “better” means caring about the outcome more than anything, it’s about giving your client the best experience you can give. Caring about their experience more than about your bank account.

For web development, you need to take your own skills very serious. It all depends on your own capabilities if you’re going to pull this off or not. Decide for yourself what subject you like the most, what is most important to your profession and what you’re good at. Go master at least 5 languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a server-side (e.g. PHP) and database language (e.g. MySQL). In addition to that you can focus on SEO, PPC, animation and user-experience. As I told you, this takes time. But if you have the intention to be at least “better than average”, go for this route!

The Best

Being the best about anything requires experience. You can only become “the best” if you’ve gone through the route of being “better than good”. Experience tells you how to do things without having to find out a way first. This saves you time and increases the quality you share with the outside world.

It also involves a higher income, as easy as that. You are on the way to become a rare species and people are willing to pay for that.

So how to be “the best” in Web Development? Train, work, use your talents, focus on getting better, taking your time to deliver the best you can and don’t accept “good enough”. Good enough is boring and shows your attitude at life, please be more interesting than that!

The Secret of Web Design and Its Different Aspects

Web design simply means planning, designing and creating a website. It also involves website structure and layout, information architecture, color, contrast, imagery and icon design. All these elements are joined together to form a website. As a matter of fact, the word ‘design’ is recognized not only as a visual aspect but designing a website includes more theoretical elements such as user habits, ergonomics, layout, navigation techniques and other things that help to smooth the use of websites and attract more users towards it.

Most of the time, the technical aspect of web designing is emphasized in the meaning of design. True, the modern website designing techniques involve server-side scripting like CGI, ASP, and PHP, website’s visual aspect is managed with CSS and HTML, the user experience is intensified with AJAX and Java Script. So modern website designing techniques concentrate not only on the designing techniques but also on functionalities. For example, how can the website be beneficial to the user and how will the company help to update the website regularly through the content management system?

In traditional terms, website designing is more about the visual appearance of a website. This approach involves balance, contrast, colors, rhythm, icon and overall website design. So web design is very similar to traditional print publishing.

A good website design is not just about the appearance and the functionality of the website. Instead, it takes into account the need of the owner that the website is being developed for. If it is a business, it might be a shopping website or it might just be an information platform where people can learn more about the products.

Besides the basic elements of web designing that make a website beautiful and informative, user-friendliness is also important an aspect of web designing. It can be achieved by paying attention to a number of factors such as navigation, multimedia, compatibility and technology.

So if you are embarking on web design, think beyond the technical aspect of the website. Ask the client about their business and about the type of organization. Go for a simple structure and don’t give too much attention to moving images or fancy graphics. Be creative and yet make something simple. This is the secret of a good website – less is more.

All these ingredients are combined with the basic principles of web designing in order to create a professional, knowledgeable and user-friendly website.

Customized Web Development: For High Functionality Of Websites

With the advancement in the field of web technology, the methods of doing business have also changed drastically. Nowadays, in order to take your business to new heights, it is necessary to have a well promoted website. Nowadays, the business activities are not confined to some specific geographical location. Now, the business activities are performed at a global level. To do so, a website is certainly a better tool.

This is an era of dynamic websites. These are specially created websites which are developed on demand. These are developed as per the specifications of the clients. Every industry demands specific website. To meet the specifications of the industry, the tailored web solutions are certainly the best way.

The e-commerce website is the best example of customized web development. These websites are basically the online store. With the advancement in the web technology, these websites are highly demanded. These are essential in order to take the business to the next level.

The products, payment gateway & cart are some essential features. These features can only be provided in case of customized web development. Though, there are various open source development tools like Joomla & WordPress are available, but these do have certain limitations, when it comes to functionality. Using these tools, full customization is certainly a difficult task.

To achieve full customization, PHP web development is the best tool. It is an open source, which helps in offering highly functional websites. This tool is used to develop a content management system. Apart from this, the website developed on this show high functionality and advanced features.

With the help of PHP, one can easily get highly operational and functional website. Using this, various attributes like cart, payment gateway and products updating can easily be achieved. Moreover, the websites developed on this platform are easy to manage as CMS is provided which helps in frequent updating without any trouble. Another attribute of using this platform is that it is a cost-effective way of developing a website.

The PHP is also used in the designing & development of portals. The portal is basically a very big website. It is basically a huge database and requires more functionality as compared to the normal website. The features required in this can only be achieved by using PHP.

From the above discussion, one can easily understand that customized web development is certainly the demand of the industry. To meet this requirement, the PHP language is the best tool. Using this tool, we can easily get the customized websites in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, this technology provides high functionality & advanced browsing experience to the users